Living in a Landcruiser”98 in Africa with Ginger, my rescued Zambian dog

Me and my backpack left Barcelona in January 2017 to the country was going to be my first stop, Zambia. That’s all I had planned.

The universe sent me a Landcruiser and a rescued Zambian dog.

Sharing, inspiring and promoting LOVE for dogs



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Our adventures

I am Sara, she is Ginger and we are full-time nomad travelers.  I was looking for a PhD in Primatology but decided to dream for a while: I rented my little unit in Barcelona and left to travel and tell stories about the dogs in my new path. Ginger was a security dog in Zambia for a drilling company. I rescued her the 24th of April, since then we both dream together.

A Landcruiser is our “home sweet home”, much easier when you travel with a dog but, also, much more expensive. To make our journey more sustainable I try to find small and enjoyable jobs, usually as photographer and social media person.

I spend the rest of my time on the dog project, exploring, learning, breathing, hiking, crossing countries… and sometimes freaking out and crying.

Always with Ginger and the Landcruiser.

Always worth it but never easy.

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Countries: Spain, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe

Documented dogs: over 100

Km: 19.300

Malaria: 1

Broken down middle nowhere: 6

Wanting to leave everything and go home: 1



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The Dziko Project

Have you ever thought about how dogs live all over the world? Or how the culture affects the human-dog relation? How usual it is to treat them as a part of the family, or maybe that is really unusual?

Are dogs majorly “things” in the world?

Are different ways to love the dogs?

Telling the stories of the dogs of the world, because all dogs have stories that need to be told. Spending time to know their lives makes me feel I turn them in to someone, not a thing.

This was, is and will be the essence of my journey. This is why I left home in January 2017, because I felt I had to do something about it. A little thing, but something.

No matter if they live on the street or in a beautiful home, if they are big or small, if they are sweet, healthy, or ill … they always have a space here to be met by the world.

Because all dogs have stories that need to be told.

Countries since January 2017: Spain, Zambia, Malawi

Dog’ stories:  over 100


♦ visiting local schools with an educational program

♦ take photos of shelter dogs to improve their adoption possibility

♦ feed, medicate and vaccine the dogs in need (also other animals)

♦ rescue dogs of neglect situations

♦ educate towards animal welfare specifically in dogs

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