Our adventures

I am Sara, she is Ginger and we are full-time nomad travelers.  I was looking for a PhD in Primatology but decided to dream for a while: I rented my little unit in Barcelona and left to travel and tell stories about the dogs in my new path. Ginger was a security dog in Zambia for a drilling company. I rescued her the 24th of April, since then we both dream together.

A Landcruiser is our “home sweet home”, much easier when you travel with a dog but, also, much more expensive. To make our journey more sustainable I try to find small and enjoyable jobs, usually as photographer and social media person.

I spend the rest of my time on the dog project, exploring, learning, breathing, hiking, crossing countries… and sometimes freaking out and crying.

Always with Ginger and the Landcruiser.

Always worth it but never easy.

 ∞  ∞  ∞