♥  Dog tag – pendent  ♥  


During my month in Zambia I have been working with a local craftsman, Simon, on a new design for helping the dogs of the world. Simon has individually hand carved, by chisel, a real dog paw into a beautiful piece of native Zambian wood (mukwa) for The Wild SOL. A really unique special human pendent or dog tag. From each purchase, 75% will be donated to the dog charities homed in the country I am at the time of the sale (i.e. Zambia now).

dsc_0694There are two designs to choose from, one with theoutline of the paw and the other with the whole paw engraved (as pictured).

As dog tags come with the ring to be attached to their collars, and as a pendant comes with waxed cotton string available in different colors – sunburnt orange, aquamarine, dark maroon, red wine, steel blue, olive green, and black.

All pieces can be hand engraved with the name of your dog/s or whatever you wish, for the same price.

As each piece is individually crafted, each one is slightly different.

Specifications   →   Thickness: 3 mm approx.  ∼  Diameter: 3.3 cm approx.

For more information send an email to info@thewildsol.com

♥ Buy it and help the dogs of the world, you won’t regret it ♥